PRD 001 – Introduction to Phone Repair Doctor Podcast

It’s been a long time coming, in fact years since 2012 when I first thought about it, but the Phone Repair Doctor now has a podcast.

This podcast will be dedicated to discussing all aspects of smart devices from iPhone, iPod, and iPads through to other smart devices that we use on a daily basis.

Listen to the inaugrual episode, and let me know what you think.

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The Evolution of iOS

iOS 8 on iPhone 6 Plus.png

iOS 8 on iPhone 6 Plus

Here is a brief review on the history of Apple’s operating system from the time iOS was launched in 2007. iOS is the operating system for iPad, iPhones, and iPods.  Apple is currently up to it’s 8th edition of its operating system, and launched iOS 8 last year (September 2014).

iOS 1, 2007

Steve Jobs described Apple iPhone back in 2007. He pointed out the problem with using pointing devices when humans already have built in pointing devices – fingers.  From thereon, people were happy to tap, flick, and wave with their phones’ browsing messages and other forms of content.

iOS 2, 2008

The average Apple users have not fully understood all the features embedded in iOS 1 but Steve Jobs released a new version through the iOS 2 just five months after the older version was released.  The evolution further expanded by releasing an SDK (software development kit) to third party creators which allowed them to create applications for Apple gadgets.  It was during this time that the Apple store was created.

iOS 3, 2009

In this version, more updates were embedded, especially those that were demanded by Apple customers such as landscape keyboard, MMS messaging, cut and paste functions, video recording, and voice control and recording.  Apple users were really delighted with the development and looked forward for an upgrade on iOS.  In 2010, Apple introduced the iPad.

iOS 4, 2010

Apple loyal customers were very excited when this version finally got to see the light of day during the summer of 2010.  Users were happy to play around with the advanced and improved features like real time video calling, multi-browser for applications, spell check, folders to arrange apps, and the launching of iBooks.

iOS 5, 2011

Although there was no perceived technological revolution made in this version, it did manage users to acclimatise with the new features by improving the way iOS owners use their Apple devices – such as computer free set up of iOS and updates.   It is also in this version that SIRI was introduced; the virtual assistant that lives inside Apple devices.  Steve Jobs claimed that they introduced 200 additional features in this version through apps, messaging, and notifications applications for example.

iOS 6, 2012

In this evolution of the iOS, Apple customers were recipients of additional 200 features that includes more user friendly Facebook integration, LTE (long term evolution – which is basically 4G) support, Apple Maps, and an improved SIRI.

iOS 7, 2013

Launched in June of 2013, this version encouraged peer to peer sharing of media, the control center was created, and of course a new design was introduced, creating more sleek and stylish appearance of the whole operating system.

iOS 8, 2014

The most significant technological revolution iOS 8 has is the introduction of Apple Pay; a payment system where users no longer need to swipe their credit cards.

With these evolutions, the tech pundits are always trying to predict what new advancements Apple will come up with next in iOS9 (release announcement due in June 2015), but whatever it is, I’m sure it will be worth the wait.

Some Exciting iOS Apps to Look Forward to this 2015

One of the most exciting developments with regards to Apple is the announcement of a possible partnership with IBM.  The whole community are eagerly awaiting for further development on what this partnership will bring to the mobile technology world.  One thing is sure though; there will be more exciting applications to be introduced in 2015.  While waiting for this partnership to develop further, let us discuss some exciting iOS apps to look forward to in 2015 first.

iOS 2015 apps

Quicken 2015

This application will make you stay connected with your money.  Some of the interesting features are:

  • Auto show of your Quicken budget
  • Attachment of receipts to transactions
  • User friendly graphs
  • Warning and alerts systems for changes in accounts


If you have problems with scanners and how you wish you have one that is not bulky and allows your iOS gadget to scan documents for easy facilitation of work while on the move.  Camscanner is the application you need if you want your iOS device to perform like a scanner.


This application is going to be the most exciting travel app.  Here are the reasons why:

  1. It serves 50 countries.
  2. Can book you a taxi.
  3. Paypal and credit cards are accepted as mode of payment.

Adobe 2015

Previously, you can only manage pictures with your desktop. But Adobe has shown that your iPad, iPhone, or iPod can be also used to edit pictures. Adobe apps for mobile can even edit and remove distracting particles from your pictures.


In this application, news and online content are presented in one location.  It is embedded with RSS features which enable you to customise news and blog content you would like to receive.

Evernote 2015

If you want to be really organised this year, this free application is a must for you.  Evernote app promises to be a big help to your productivity.  The most important feature offered by this app is its ability to synchronise all your stored files when you save it to a cloud provider.  It will no longer be difficult for you to remember details because of this application.


As mobile screens become bigger, curating content from your favourite sites and social network is no longer a headache.  You can create your own digital magazine pages through this application.


If you are a huge movie fan but find it difficult to recall movie titles or actors in a particular movie or TV show, let IMDb app help you figure them out.  The application is also capable of finding movies shown nearest your location and buy movie tickets.

Open Table

This app let you reserve tables in your favourite restaurant.  An added bonus is you can use your Apple Pay feature in your iPhone 6 to pay for dinner through this app.

Enjoy these exciting apps for 2015!

iPhone 6 – Will it Blend?

As much as we’ve love to, if you stick your iPhone into a blender, we can’t fix it. But it’s interesting to see how tough the back metal housing is of an iPhone 6.

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Features You Should Know About

iphone 6 iphone 6 plus

On September 9, 2014, Apple finally revealed their latest products and technophiles were looking forward to the latest iPhone models; the iPhone 6 and its twin iPhone 6 Plus.  These two new products were subject of speculation for the past few months.  The rumours were finally answered and the audience were not disappointed.  The official release of new generation of gadgets from Apple is a dream come true for their loyal customers who have been waiting for large screen iPhones.

Vital Features You Need to Know

Screen Size and Image Quality

Definitely, these are larger than predecessors, the iPhone 5 or even the 5s.  The iPhone 6 has a screen size of 4.7 inch with a resolution of 1334×750 which Apple describes as Retina HD.   It simply means that resolution is very impressive at more than 720p HD that will make pixels out of sight from the naked eye.  Now, if you want to be more impressed; the iPhone 6 Plus is for you; plus means power features.   Its screen size dwarfs even the iPhone 6 at 5.5 inches. It is touch screen, features full HD, and with higher pixels per inch (ppi). The screening of videos, games, images, and apps has never been this more detailed.


Both iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are embedded with the latest A8 microprocessor that has a 50% more power saving than the previous chips. These also have bigger batteries, making listeners able to play non-stop music for 50 hours, with the iPhone 6 Plus surviving for 80 hours.  Talking time will last for 14 hours with the iPhone 6 and 24 hours for the iPhone 6 Plus.

Memory Storage

These two are not only big in size and processing power, the storage options are even bigger, coming up at 128 GB for both iPhone 6 models.  That is twice the size of its predecessor. Some interesting features such as:

  • Correct reading of battery meter. No more guessing if power is still up or nearly down.
  • User style detection. Instead of suggesting incomprehensible words, it will suggest words users frequently use.
  • Active action on notification. You do not have to close one browser to go to an app and respond to incoming messages.
  • More interactive music playing. Auto song identification.
  • Universal remote. You do not need to buy a separate remote to synchronise and activate electronic gadgets at home like the Apple TV, Xbox, and a Mac computer.

Apple Pay

Cash less society has become another tool to make it convenient for users to shop without bringing credit cards and extra cash.  Both new iPhone models can be used as a payment device as they have near field communication sticker (NFC) that allows two devices to communicate with each other wirelessly, provided that both are within right proximity.  Just simply load your credit card details into the Apple Pay app. Once you buy something, just select Apple Pay. Authentication is done through finger scanning which is located at the Home Button in both devices.

The Verdict

As of this time, it is estimated that pre-selling of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will reach 80 million units.  There is a lot of pent up demand from existing Apple customers that are waiting for these new generation devices. (more…)

7 Best Wireless Speakers for iOS Devices

wireless speakers for iphone, ipad, ipodListening to music is one of the most entertaining indulgences that you can do when using your iPhone, iPad, and iPod. But in many cases, you need additional speakers to enjoy music stored in your devices as there are songs that sound better to listen with speakers on. But plugs, cords, and wires make it frustrating to use sometimes. Hence, a wireless speaker is the most convenient audio device that you can own.

There are several models and brands so choosing one is really a mental exercise while considering budget planning and of course personal preference factor.  There are a number of aspects to consider when selecting the best wireless speaker, such as price, functionality, design, performance, and size.  Some prefer one factor over the other and others take note of all factors when deciding.  To help you out, here are 7 of the best wireless speakers for iOS devices:

Logitech Mini Boom Box TS500BK Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

It’s a small but powerful wonder.  It might be expensive considering its size, however, you can carry this speaker anywhere you go and can easily slide it inside your bag without occupying too much space.

View Quest Hepburn Radio

If you love a retro design, this one is for you.  It is not only a Bluetooth wireless speaker but also a radio in one.  Thus, when you get bored with your playlist, you can check radio stations and find new songs for your iOS music player.

JBL Pulse

This company is one of the most reputable brands in terms of audio products.  If you prefer a powerful stereo performance at a right size, this is a good suggestion.  It has a rechargeable battery and LED light guide to make it easy for you to choose and play songs.  You can never go wrong with JBL products.

Bose Sound Link Bluetooth Speaker

It’s a multi-connection wonder as it can store six devices so you can easily connect not only your iOS gadgets but also other devices that have Bluetooth connection.  With a powerful range of 30 feet receiving range, you won’t have any problem carrying your main device when you move from one corner to the other.

Pioneer FreeMe XWLF3

It’s another excellent choice coming from an added reliable brand in terms of audio products.  It has a compact size with powerful audio performance that roughly compares with mini-components but with a low wattage capacity.  It has quick pairing feature and 7 hour playtime performance.  It is lightweight so you can carry it anywhere and anytime.

Sony SRS-BTX500

It comes with a stylish design that provides powerful audio performance despite its size.  It has a rechargeable battery and is speaker phone capable.  Carrying case is included, thus, you won’t have to force its way, making it a breeze to pack it inside your bag and backpacks.  The price might turnoff some people though.

Jawbone Big Jambox

If size is your preference, this wireless speaker is quite bigger compared with other related products.  However, its size is complemented with distortion less strong audio output.  In addition, battery life is longer when compared with other brands.

There you go! The 7 best wireless speakers for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod!

5 Conditions You Have to Meet When Attempting DIY iOS Repair

Why do you need to do it yourself when your iPhone, iPod, or iPad crashes?  Isn’t it risky? These are just some simple questions that users want answers for.

diy ios repair

There are several benefits when you can fix iOS gadgets without the help of technicians or manufacturer service centers.  First, it can mean a lot of savings for you. It is quite expensive especially when you send your gadget for repair to the manufacturer.  Second, it can avoid you being dependent or at the mercy of others each time you have problems with your gadgets when it is only as simple as crashes.  Third, it can become a possible income generating activity for you when you have acquired skills including repairing iOS gadgets.

Gadget Crashing

One of the most common issues with iOS gadgets is crashes. It cannot be helped that the frequency of facing this issue is sometimes very often.  It is frustrating indeed that after spending so much money to repair it, the problem reappears. Sometimes, the solution needs more than rebooting and uninstalling apps.  Thus, acquiring knowledge and skills on crash repairs is important. But before you start attempting DIY repairs, here are 5 conditions you need to meet:

  1. First, you have to check if your unit is out of warranty or you have already fulfilled all lock in conditions with your provider in order to self repair the gadget. You do not want to at risk your iPhone, iPod, or iPad when warranty is voided.  Remember that you still have several benefits if warranty is valid such as free check-up and free repairs on some issues.
  2. Of course, you have to study this skill either by going to trade or technical schools or reading on available materials if you have electronic background.  Being able to handle all sorts of problems with regards to iOS gadgets and being successful with it takes a lot of practice and of course extra units for you to tinker.
  3. Focus your learning on Apple technology as there are plenty of alert systems that are embedded in their products.  For example, backing up files through iTunes may require some numbers from the unit which need to be inputted before you can proceed with repairs.
  4. You have to have all materials, equipment, and tools necessary for repair.  Your repair kit must include the following:  Electronic Safety Device (ESD), Spudger, Screwdrivers, Opening Tools for Plastic, Heat or Drying Gun, Magnetizer and Demagnitizer, Tools for Pick Up, Lamp with Magnifying Glass, and Magnetic Mat.
  5. You also need industry certification if you want to make a career out of this acquired skill.  You need to offer your potential clients the confidence that you are skilful when it comes to iOS repairs including getting Apple certification or any other relevant certificate.

Indeed, DIY on iOS gadgets is never easy.  It takes time to learn being skilled at it.  You must have patience in uncovering complexities on repairing iPhone, iPad, and iPod units.

Protect Your Wi-Fi Access, Stop Wi-Fi Theft

Have you noticed strangers parking their cars in front of your house and working on their computers, iPad, or iPhone? This could be a sign that they are piggy backing off your internet connection. It is indeed manna from heaven when an Internet addict suddenly discovers that there is an open and free Wi-Fi access in the local neighbourhood.  internet piggy backing

The Effects of Open Connection

Regardless of whether it is secured or not, the idea of connecting through a neighbour’s Wi-Fi connection is tantamount to stealing and can therefore be considered illegal.  It is similar to a situation where the house next door left their door wide open. It is not a sign that you have the privilege to barge in without asking permission first or knocking before entering.

There are several potential hazards when people maintain Wi-Fi connections without protecting them. These include identity theft, access to confidential files, exposure to online threats, illegal downloading, and browsing forbidden sites.

Laws against Illegal Wi-Fi Connection

Fortunately, local states and the government are implementing laws and regulations to curb this situation.  In the U.S., all 50 states have federal laws governing not only neighbourhood Wi-Fi, but all open access connections such as those found in cafes and other hotspots.  In the United Kingdom, it is illegal to connect to an open Wi-Fi without permission. In both countries, a lot of people have been fined, put on probation, or have been ordered to render community service in violation of this rule.

How is it Implemented?

However, despite laws, illegal connections were still reported. There are situations wherein federal governments cannot impose a rigid implementation on this law unless those illegally piggy backing perform malicious activities like accessing private information and downloading copyrighted materials.  And, most often too, homeowners do not realise that someone is tapping their connections unless they notice a reduction in Internet speed or they were reported for supposedly violating online laws.

In Germany, the situation is reversed. It is the owner who is fined when they leave their Wi-Fi connection open and it was utilised for illegal activities.  The same situation happened in India, where violators were fined for not securing their own Internet after an open connection was accessed by a group of people and sent terror emails while piggy backing.

What’s the Solution?

Common sense dictates that it doesn’t take legal proceedings to determine if connecting to a neighbour’s Wi-Fi is illegal or not.  It is akin to trespassing.  Please secure your Wi-Fi home connections. It’s as simple as looking at your Wi-Fi instructions that came with the device. Most devices these days should by default be set to secured. However you should always check. If you look at your connection list of Wi-Fi devices around you when you go to connect and there is not a lock icon visible, or the connection doesn’t prompt your for a password then you have in open Wi-Fi connection.