iPhone Repairs Brisbane

iPhone Repair Brisbane

Does your broken iPhone look like this image?

Get your iPhone repaired quickly, conveniently and affordably!

Millions of Aussies have discovered the convenience and intuitiveness of the iPhone over the past few years. Hundreds of new iPhones are sold in Brisbane phone stores every day. What’s less common is finding a repair service that offers an affordable alternative to replacement. The Phone Repair Doctor is proud to provide a convenient and affordable repair service to the wider city area.

Click here to Contact Us for an iPhone repair quote. Alternatively you can book in by calling 0439 323 931.

We can make your dodgy iPhone look and work like new again. As a specialist repairer, we stock replacement parts for all different models. Our most common type of job is screen repairs, but we can also deal with other issues such as blocked or broken docking ports, damage to the back cover, frozen or stuck home buttons, fuzzy audio or sound that cuts out, and more.

Got water damage? No worries! Most repairers won’t take on repair jobs where there is evidence of water damage, as determined by the colour indicator or visible water. This is because it can be challenging to determine the extent of damage. However, the Phone Repair Doctor is more than happy to help. If you’ve dropped your iPhone in a puddle, basin, or pool (or worse!), call the Phone Doctor as soon as possible.

Our workshop (the iPhone Hospital, where the Doctor works!) is located in Annerley, and you are welcome to drop your phone off directly. For your convenience, we also offer a pick-up/drop off service – call us and we’ll come to collect your device at your home or workplace.

Here’s a video of how to get to our workshop:

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Tips for dealing with water damage

Here are our top four must-dos for recovering a water damaged iPhone:

– Make sure it’s switched off, and DO NOT turn it on again. If the power button won’t work alone, combine the power and home buttons to force a switch off.

– If you dropped your phone in a pool or in the sea, quickly dunk it in a bowl of fresh water. The idea behind this is to prevent the corrosion that can be caused by chlorine and salt residue.

– Fill a bag or container with uncooked rice, put the device inside, and ensure it’s covered and refilled. This will help start the process of removing moisture.

– Call us as soon as possible! Your iPhone must be professionally taken apart and dried out to ensure that no lasting damage is done.

NB: Your device may switch on again after using the rice trick. However, without removing internal moisture and checking inside, residual damage may occur and your phone could become faulty down the track. Call us to be sure.

If you would like to see some reviews of our service please visit our Google Places Local page.


Got a warranty?

If your iPhone is relatively new, it may still be covered by a manufacturer’s warranty from Apple. If this is the case, you may simply wish to get a replacement. Apple also has an out of warranty service where you can get a replacement from Apple.