Some Exciting iOS Apps to Look Forward to this 2015

One of the most exciting developments with regards to Apple is the announcement of a possible partnership with IBM.  The whole community are eagerly awaiting for further development on what this partnership will bring to the mobile technology world.  One thing is sure though; there will be more exciting applications to be introduced in 2015.  While waiting for this partnership to develop further, let us discuss some exciting iOS apps to look forward to in 2015 first.

iOS 2015 apps

Quicken 2015

This application will make you stay connected with your money.  Some of the interesting features are:

  • Auto show of your Quicken budget
  • Attachment of receipts to transactions
  • User friendly graphs
  • Warning and alerts systems for changes in accounts


If you have problems with scanners and how you wish you have one that is not bulky and allows your iOS gadget to scan documents for easy facilitation of work while on the move.  Camscanner is the application you need if you want your iOS device to perform like a scanner.


This application is going to be the most exciting travel app.  Here are the reasons why:

  1. It serves 50 countries.
  2. Can book you a taxi.
  3. Paypal and credit cards are accepted as mode of payment.

Adobe 2015

Previously, you can only manage pictures with your desktop. But Adobe has shown that your iPad, iPhone, or iPod can be also used to edit pictures. Adobe apps for mobile can even edit and remove distracting particles from your pictures.


In this application, news and online content are presented in one location.  It is embedded with RSS features which enable you to customise news and blog content you would like to receive.

Evernote 2015

If you want to be really organised this year, this free application is a must for you.  Evernote app promises to be a big help to your productivity.  The most important feature offered by this app is its ability to synchronise all your stored files when you save it to a cloud provider.  It will no longer be difficult for you to remember details because of this application.


As mobile screens become bigger, curating content from your favourite sites and social network is no longer a headache.  You can create your own digital magazine pages through this application.


If you are a huge movie fan but find it difficult to recall movie titles or actors in a particular movie or TV show, let IMDb app help you figure them out.  The application is also capable of finding movies shown nearest your location and buy movie tickets.

Open Table

This app let you reserve tables in your favourite restaurant.  An added bonus is you can use your Apple Pay feature in your iPhone 6 to pay for dinner through this app.

Enjoy these exciting apps for 2015!

Top iPad Parenting Applications

Parenting involves a lot of skills; it is not easy to become a parent.  With so many things to attend to including preparing as well as cooking meals, working in the office, helping with children’s assignments, attending parent’s school meetings, consulting with teachers, and completing different household chores, one needs far more than wisdom to successfully manage all tasks. Fortunately, the evolution of electronic gadgets has helped parents balance time between work and family life. The iPad for one is a secret tool that parents can use to accomplish parental roles easily.

top ipad parenting applications

There are countless iPad applications for parenting but these are our top suggestions:

For Babies

Baby Connect is one of the most comprehensive tracking iPad applications for babies. It is loaded with important categories for taking care of babies from feeding to administering medication.  It is like having a medical profile, a diary, and schedule matrix rolled into one.  With this app, you do not need to keep too many profile files for your kids and easily reach them when you need it.

Controlling Sleep Time

Sleepasaurus is an ideal sleeping partner for toddlers who have inconsistent sleeping habits. Kids can select from any of the seven baby dinosaurs and let them sprinkle magic dust for sleeping before they go to bed.  When the dinosaur is asleep, it won’t wake up not until the alarm sets off.  It has also bedtime music.

Teaching Kids to Write

L’Escapadou’s Writing Wizard was created to assist children when learning how to write via methods that will keep them interested.  It can be configured to complement writing needs and check progress. It has 26 animated sound effects and sticker for them to trace too.

Feeding Your Family

Food on the Table helps mom or dad prepare weekly meals that are chef guaranteed and suited according to personal preferences.  It also helps find groceries for ingredients and organise grocery shopping list.

Monitoring Child’s Progress

Babies grow and what a wonderful application Parenting Ages & Stages is. You get all the information needed about kids in different ages and stages. Just add your children’s photo in the apps to customise and receive information about a child’s development.

Reading to Your Kids at Bedtime

MeeGenius is virtually a library on books for kids. It contains several bedtime story books which you can read to your kids or let them read to make their imaginations run creatively.

Helping Kids with Assignments

The dictionary is one of the most important reference books from childhood even up to the twilight years of an individual.  As your kids start to discover new words, it is your obligation as a parent to help them with vocabulary. In relation to that, Merriam Webster Apps is an application that do not only defines words but give sample sentences and find antonyms synonyms, among others.

Controlling Gadget Habit

ParentKit is a helpful tool for scheduling and gaining control over kids’ device.  It acts as a remote control for gadgets where you can monitor usage, purchase of apps, and other activities within the device.  This is useful when your children are too minor to search the Internet. You can permit them to go online but you can also shut down applications, websites and games during study time.

Monitoring Social Media Usage

There are iPad applications that let you know almost everything about your kid’s activity in social media.   You will know whom they are friends with and how much time they spend on social networks like Facebook for example. You can also restrict inappropriate texts and images and be alerted of your kid’s restricted activity. Some apps also have a map so that parents can trace children’s whereabouts and even instantly seek help in case of emergency situations.

Restricting Movies

Even adults need restrictions when it comes to watching movies.  Kids in Mind provide detailed information on movies.  This way, you can decide whether your kids can watch a certain movie or not.  It has more than 3,000 film reviews with ratings attached in the data base.  It has weekly updates on new movies with reviews and ratings as well.

Attending to Home Routines

Doing housework repeatedly can be annoying for parents. The good news is that there are applications that will make it easier to complete household tasks by creating a checklist of routine jobs and select a specific schedule when you want these to be done.  Once completed, the list is refreshed.  It can be synchronised with other devices too so  the entire family know their obligations as well.

Organising Family Activities

Family life has countless activities and in order for each family member to have common agenda every time, the Cozi Family Organizer can help.  It has a shopping list for sharing, to do list, status reports on activities, and a lot more.  It can be considered as a toolbox for parents integrated in an iPad.

The iPad is indeed an amazing tool for parents to manage and monitor not only kids but also different household and personal matters.  As a word of caution though, bear in mind that these applications are just tools to make some parental roles and activities easier to deal with. But these are not solutions against family quarrels, to rear up children positively, promote healthy family relationship, and become the best parent in the world.  There are other factors involved in maintaining a harmonious family relationship and you cannot consult your iPad for that.  Communication and understanding still play a great role in family life.

Essential iPhone Apps for Parents

Parenting is a stressful job but not if your iPhone is equipped with essential applications.  Here is a list of suggestions for you to consider.

iphone apps for parents


This app helps locate all types of establishments within your proximity. It also features a mapping function and allows you to send and share information with others.


My365 is your mobile family album that allows uploading images even when on the go. The app is also easy to use; saving and categorising photographs is a breeze.

Mynd Calendar App

This can be considered as one of the best calendar apps around. It’s built for busy parents and comes with functions like alert systems and a conference call button.

Voxer Apps

Walkie-talkies are not yet a thing of the past.  This application proves it by letting you hear your family’s voices when you travel. You can also leave instant messages when you find it hard to compose long and complicated reminders.


This is your ideal app when you want to control and monitor email messages of your kids. Configuration options can prevent email setup, turn off email access, and lock an email account. It works not only for emails but for other types of content as well such as movies, applications, and web pages.

Net Nanny

It’s the ever reliable virtual nanny which you can configure to block undesirable things over the Internet like nudity, graphic sex, morbid violence, death, and other mature content.  With this app, you can be confident that kids at home are glued on computers safe and secure.

Squarespace Note

If you want quick note taking without the hassle of account login, folder saving, and finding your way through the options list, then this application is for you.  One interesting feature is that you can write notes and send them to your email accounts pronto and retrieve it later.


It merges functions of your iPhone Calendar Events and Reminder into one helpful application so you won’t miss appointments and other scheduled activities for the day, week, or a month.


Quick first aide guide is now at your finger tips.  Install this app and learn about treating emergencies, childhood ailments, and other common household injuries or illnesses.

American Red Cross First Aid App

This app features a comprehensive guide on almost every imaginable emergency situations such as typhoon, earthquake, other calamities, and household incidents that need immediate attention.  It features first aid solutions for a broken arm, bee stings, fracture joints, poisoning, animal bites, and so much more.  What makes it very helpful is that it has preloaded images, videos, and illustrations that can be accessed even if you are not connected to the Internet.


With this application, parents have references at their fingertips when looking for signs and symptoms of several common diseases, making it easier to figure out what illness their children are suffering from.  This is just an instant resource though and not a replacement for actual doctors.

Find My Kids

With this application, parents can track their kids’ whereabouts automatically.  You can have data on a child’s destination and time of arrival.  It is also secure to use because data is kept confidential and limited between you and your kids only.

These essential iPhone applications make parents confident that their children are safe and secure always whether they are at home or not.