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Smashing the screen on your iPhone (or iPad or iPod, for that matter) has got to be one of the biggest first world problems.

You drop your beloved phone or tablet, reach down and pick it up - of course it landed screen down - and inspect the damage, only to have your worst fears confirmed.

The screen is shattered.

Well, chin up. It's bad, but it's not disastrous.

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At Phone Repair Doctor, our aim is to take the pain out
of having your device repaired.

We repair all iPhone, iPod, iPad devices and other Smart Phones. We can come to you at home or business, or your can visit the workshop, or we have a mail-in service for those outside of Brisbane and around Australia.

In other words, we fit in with you and provide a convenient, hassle free service.

Getting a fast and affordable device repair is important, especially considering many of us are addicted to using them! The biggest complaints many people have with getting their devices repaired is the time delay and the cost.

We understand that all customer needs are unique and different. That’s why we customise each job to fit our customer’s needs. Plus we can design from scratch or build from your plans.

We conduct speedy iPhone and iPad repairs so that Brisbane residents can get back to using their devices fast.

Here at Phone Repair Doctor we buck this trend by offering a totally different service.

We conduct speedy iPhone and iPad repairs so that Brisbane residents can get back to using their devices.

Our services rates are also very affordable, meaning you get a faster and cheaper service. Can’t ask for more than that!

Plus We Guarantee Our Work

All work is guaranteed for 3 months after the repair date. If any part that was repaired fails under normal use, we will replace it free of charge.


I was sitting in Apple shop in Highpoint when my Iphone 4S stopped working. The phone will ring but nothing will come on the screen. I spoke to the technician at Apple who informed me that some part is damaged and it will cost me approx. $ 253.00 to swap the phone.

She informed that they will swap my phone with another one that will carry 90 days warranty. I agreed to pay and I was told to come back after 45 minutes. Once I came back, I was informed that it is not possible to swap the phone as I have a non genuine screen on my phone.

I googled phone doctor to find if something can be done at Geelong. Phone repair doctor spoke to me and understood the problem. He said to push the power button and action button together for 10 seconds.

I did the same and phone came back to life. Doctor advised that I have a battery issue that can be fixed for less than $ 100. Great work Doctor...

Raj Mish

Fantastic!!! My iPod classic died & I took it in on a Wednesday arvo & it was all repaired & ready to go by 10am the following day! Brilliant service & very affordable. I would recommend this repairer to everyone!

Elouise Di Mauo

Nick repaired my daughters IPAD that was damaged at school. I initially assumed it would be irreparable due to the extent of the screen damage. Nick's prompt and professional service was affordable and much appreciated. Would highly recommend to others.”

Matt R, Tarragindi